Curious Autistic

This website is my space for rambling about autism and neurodiversity in general. It’s not a professional study as I write from my own experiences and the research I conduct. I am here to ramble about my brain and add my voice to the autistic advocates online.

Recent Blog Posts

Sensory Pleasures (Seeking) Part One

7 minutes reading time at average speed Often the response I get when I discuss how sensory seeking I am is: “But you are autistic, you hate noise/lights/touch – insert whatever sense they deem to use – because you are hypersensitive.” In a few ways this is true – I am easily overloaded, can be…

School Uniforms and Neurodivergence

The debate around school uniforms has raged on for years – with some people strictly against them and others arguing that they are helpful. I am not going to focus on the general arguments; instead, I would like to discuss this from the specific perspective of a neurodivergent person with sensory issues. For many autistic…

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