School Uniforms and Neurodivergence

The debate around school uniforms has raged on for years – with some people strictly against them and others arguing that they are helpful. I am not going to focus on the general arguments; instead, I would like to discuss this from the specific perspective of a neurodivergent person with sensory issues. For many autisticContinue reading “School Uniforms and Neurodivergence”

Unrelated correlations – an example of apophany

Trigger Warning // Mentioned death of a loved one, pet death, mental health issues Sometimes, the brain will link things that are rationally unrelated. This is something I have not seen discussed before with regards to autism. Until quite recently, I thought it was a personal quirk but conversations with other autistics show a patternContinue reading “Unrelated correlations – an example of apophany”

Conceal, Don’t Feel – The Silencing of the Autistic Community through the Denial of Self-Diagnosis

For a long time, autistic children were taught to hide who they were – to mask and conceal themselves. Autism (and the language around it) was filled with shame and euphemisms. Much of what society knew about us was ableist research carried out by people who did not consult us. Now, autistic people are noContinue reading “Conceal, Don’t Feel – The Silencing of the Autistic Community through the Denial of Self-Diagnosis”

Words caught like stones on the ocean floor

3 minutes reading time Spoken communication can be likened the ocean, each word a stone or shell upon its floor. Waves wash and roll, tossing these stones within reach, and most of the time they are a short dip away. It comes naturally. However, often without cause, the tide comes in and the stones areContinue reading “Words caught like stones on the ocean floor”

Sensory Pleasures (Seeking) Part One

7 minutes reading time at average speed Often the response I get when I discuss how sensory seeking I am is: “But you are autistic, you hate noise/lights/touch – insert whatever sense they deem to use – because you are hypersensitive.” In a few ways this is true – I am easily overloaded, can beContinue reading “Sensory Pleasures (Seeking) Part One”